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Your patients are already using it. Baritastic is the most robust app built specifically for the bariatric patient.

And now your program can connect, support, and monitor your patients using the Baritastic app.

Custom Apps

Want a little more customization and branding?

We use many of the same features in Baritastic to create a unique free app specifically for your program.


Whether you choose to integrate with Baritastic or we build you a custom app, you can expect:

  • Better dietary compliance
  • Better support and education
  • Better overall patient experience
  • More patients

What are you waiting for?

It's not expensive. Your patients will love it. They'll lose more weight. You'll look like a genius.


Bariatric Dietitian
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Nutrition After Bariatric Surgery – A Dietitian’s Guide

We all know that bariatric surgery is a tool. It will help your patients get their weight down where they can implement daily exercise. For long term success, it’s paramount that your patients change their diet. Diet is 80% of the battle. Your patients can’t outrun their fork. So how do you ensure your patients change their bad eating habits

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Bariatric surgery performance measurement.
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Bariatric Surgery: Pay For Performance?

Pay for performance is the new buzzword in healthcare. Centers of Excellence, MBSQAIP and other accredidations have been around for years. How does pay for performance differ and how might it apply to bariatric surgery? How do bariatric programs prepare for pay for performance? Background Currrently, facilities are able to show a commitment to quality with the MBSQAIP accredidation. The

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ObesityWeek 2016
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Is Your Program Connected?

Baritastic is coming to ObesityWeek 2016. Download the app and visit us at Booth 518 to find out why your program should connect. Search major app stores from your phone for 'Baritastic.'  Baritastic is the most robust app for bariatric surgery - built for both pre and post-op patients.  Track nutrition Daily Journal Track Exercise Sync Wearable Devices and Track

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